January 17, 2009




Interview With Sonja_sonja63

Is A Person, Who won manny peoples heart by her
Great personality & Her Sence Of Fashion.
I've Bet Manny Of You Seen her Fabolous Layerings.

Whats you name?
Hi, my name Is Therese but almost all my friends call me Tess.

Okey you say that your name was Tess [Therese]? But i wonder why is your stardoll name Sonja_Sonja93?
Well... I named this medoll after my mom (Sonja) but I did not want to keep this medoll so long, but then I got so much more starpoints on this doll, so I decide to keep It anyway and make It SuperStar.

Tess, I've heard that You Like Layerings, Is that so?
Yeah I love to do Layerings, so I can show the world how I want to look. And It's also fun becuse I love clothes !

We All Love Your Layering, & other OUtfits,
and I'm really curious on were you get inpseration from
I look In fashion magazines and of course TopModel, Or... I just don't know really

Haha okey, We dont realy now so much about you cane you tell us?
Okey, you know my name Is Therese and I am a 12 year old girl from Sweden. I live with my mom and my cat Sophie. My dad died In a bout accident before I was born. And Of course I love to be with my great friends and go shopping !

Omg, That Is horrible,
How do you feel About that?
I mean Your Dad.

Sometimes I cry, but I can't have him back so I just have to accept It

So when did you get member here in stardoll and how did you know about stardoll?
Ohh, I find Stardoll at a blog (I am sorry I don't remember the name) And I was a member 2008-02-25 soon 1 year ago.

Why did you want to Becom a member on stardoll?
Becuse I believe Stardoll was a site there everybody can have fun, meet friends and be who you are, and I was right. Stardoll Is a great place to meet friends and dress up your medoll. I'm almost logged in at Stardoll, but remeber there Is something called (Real Life) Stardoll Is anyway just a game, but a good game.

Okey thanks so much tess for letting us interview you!
Have it good and we hope to see you around
Yeeaah 100 Visiters!


Klick to see!

E&J jacket

Hello everyone, how are you all?
Im realy fine.
I was looking after new spoilers and see what i find! The jacket of Elisabet & Jamse though in black. They look exactly the same just that the E&J jacket are grey. I relly like it, and i think im going to buy it too, now we just going to wait and see when its comming to plaza and how much it coast! Hope you ENJOY it x/Jaquline