January 18, 2009

Zac Posen on stardoll?

Yes, its true!
I dont think that so many now that this shoe is Zac Posen!
Becouse Hes Well now as a Evning Dress Desingner!
But this shoe are Zac Posen!
I Think that stardoll shuld write that they are brand's.
It's so many things on stardoll that are real brand's!
Like the Chanel bags, they took away the chanel barnd, and the Hotbuys FENDI bag! And dont forget about the Chanel Purfume!

I have the exempel of the FENDI bag:


By; We3forever

Hey everyone, how are you all?
Im realy fine.

I was tinking we shuld have a makeup tema every week,
And this week its Green Princess.
Soso made a makeup for a cuple days before and she did a makeup that it was all about the mouth, so i made a makeup thats all about the eyes.
As you cane see on the pic!
I use:
Eyeshadow Pearl No.1
Eyeshadow Pearl No.3
Eyepencil White
Eyepencil Green
Eyepencil Forest Green
Metallic Green Eyeliner
Macara Volyme Black
Blush Brun Rose
All together will cost 25$

Next week its the makeup of the Punk Princess!