January 28, 2009

Hello E-v-e-r-y-o-n-e!
I am happy to say We Have 816 Visits Today.
Thats A lot Consiter Our first Post Was january 15
And today its Jan 28
That Means Thirteeen Days.
And Jaquline and I,
Have tryed to Work Really hard Making this To A Great Blog.

We Hope you feel the same way!
If You Ever feel Like We Dont include things You Like.

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x // SopHiiA & JaQuliNe


I want to Show You This Ah - mazing girl.

She is Creativ From Head To Toe.
Her Stardoll Nickname is iamyourfat
She is unbeliveble!
She makes Clothes Out of Interiors In A way No - one Else Can.
Her real Name Is Molly, And Shes Soon-to-be 14.
If She's This Good Now? Imagine what she can be about 6 years.
This Girl is Just AMAZING.
And Only 14 years old.
I'm spechless.

I like All Of her Outfits. And As She say on her presentation

"all of my outfits are avant-garde pieces, they are not necessarily ones you could wear outside your house, they are pieces of artwork in my eyes"

And I Dont think its Only In Her Eyes,
Comment As

"Hey chica! I'm still loving your outfits, like always!"

"ok Molly, I know I tell you how much I like your outfits all the time but honestly everyday and everytime I see you they get bigger and better then ever!! Flawless! "

"You are amazing, omg. "


"ahh, I'm so jealous of your abillity to make such beautiful outfits.. :D"

Well. Hopefully You'll understand.

Visit Her As FAst As You have time.
It will be an Experience just Looking.
And Try To Imagine Them in Real Life.

You Wont regret It.

x // Text By; Sophia & Pictures By; Jaquline

Hey everyone!
the new Britney Speares has comming to plaza..
i dont like the chlothers so much but i like this outfit that i made!


Make Up.

Hello, I've made a make up Inspired By Pink.
I really Like how It turned out In The End.
Stylish Pink I would Say, Its warm & You get this Cosy Feeling I think.
I like This Kind Of Pink More then The Hot Pink.
I Feel Like this Make Up Is perfect for A Lot Of Times.
Shopping, Cinema, Date, Resturant You Name it!

We [ me & jaquline ] Decidet too Make At Least One Make up A Week As usall.
BUT Maybe More.
It all depends On If We have Time, And If We Feel Like We want to.
Also We Would Love If you Told Us What make Up you Would Like To See us Do.
Just mail us on

x // Sophiia