January 28, 2009


I want to Show You This Ah - mazing girl.

She is Creativ From Head To Toe.
Her Stardoll Nickname is iamyourfat
She is unbeliveble!
She makes Clothes Out of Interiors In A way No - one Else Can.
Her real Name Is Molly, And Shes Soon-to-be 14.
If She's This Good Now? Imagine what she can be about 6 years.
This Girl is Just AMAZING.
And Only 14 years old.
I'm spechless.

I like All Of her Outfits. And As She say on her presentation

"all of my outfits are avant-garde pieces, they are not necessarily ones you could wear outside your house, they are pieces of artwork in my eyes"

And I Dont think its Only In Her Eyes,
Comment As

"Hey chica! I'm still loving your outfits, like always!"

"ok Molly, I know I tell you how much I like your outfits all the time but honestly everyday and everytime I see you they get bigger and better then ever!! Flawless! "

"You are amazing, omg. "


"ahh, I'm so jealous of your abillity to make such beautiful outfits.. :D"

Well. Hopefully You'll understand.

Visit Her As FAst As You have time.
It will be an Experience just Looking.
And Try To Imagine Them in Real Life.

You Wont regret It.

x // Text By; Sophia & Pictures By; Jaquline

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