January 30, 2009

DKNY 2009

Klick to see bigger!

Spread This Link; i42.tinypic.com/10gd30h.jpg*
Around Stardoll.

x // Sophiia & Jaquliine

When i logd in on my stardoll i had a mail and i see that it is a gift dress, i klick on the mail to see what dress and look what dress its the Versace dress its absolutly my favorite dress and i cant buy it, *tears*
i hope i cane find it in bazaar cheap..

enyway hope you like it,

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The Model Caroline Trentini is Now A Superstar Doll On Stardoll.
I Guess Stardoll Got this ModelManiac Going on . . .
Enyway . . .
Caroline Walked For shows such as Victoria Secret's, Chanel, Christian Dior, Vera Wang, Ralph lauren.
She has appeared on the covers of magazines as ELLE, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar Among others.

Hope You like me Keeping you Updated :)

x // Sophiia

Own Design!

Hello Everyone, Sophiia Here!
I am cold, So i'm home with Nothing to do.
But When I looked Around the Blog,
And Saw Jaqulines Own Doll.
It was very nice, & Looked Fun To Do.
So I tryed And it was.

It was my First Doll Ever.

But I'm happy with the Result, And Hopefully You'll Like it too.

( Click To Enlarge )

The Hair Is From Heidi Klum.
2 Blue Dresses From My Closet.
Shoes From Alyson Michalka.

x // Sophiia

January 29, 2009


Hello Everyone! I've made An outfit Which I Really Like.
I was thrilled to see the white skirt in Starplaza.
I have searched for it A long time
So I would be able to Do An Outfit Like this.
And Also Before its been hard Making outfits
for The Blog, Since we only use Clothes From Starplaza.
The outfit I think Has A Cute Sugar Sweet babyDoll Dressy thing Going over.

Pretty In Pink Skirt [ Black ] - 5 Stardollars
Evil panda Monique Skirt [ White ] - 5 Stardollars
Pretty In Pink Dress Inspired By Anne Valerie Hash - 8 Stardollars [ Sale; 4 Stardollars ]
Voile Stiletto Heels - 5 Stardollars

Hurry Up To Buy The Pretty in pink Dress.
Since its on Sale,
You Wont be able to buy it For long.

x // Sophiia

To far!

Okej this time stardoll have go tooo far, ok before they bring that cardigan whit a mouth on, and the olsen jacket, but now they have bring almost all the old stuff... look at this! its like all chlothers everyone is pay sms coders for and high prices..
its never going to work in the stadoll bazaar if stardoll keep bring old stuff to plaza
dont you think im right?

leave a comment and tell us
what you think about this thing, thanks


January 28, 2009

Hello E-v-e-r-y-o-n-e!
I am happy to say We Have 816 Visits Today.
Thats A lot Consiter Our first Post Was january 15
And today its Jan 28
That Means Thirteeen Days.
And Jaquline and I,
Have tryed to Work Really hard Making this To A Great Blog.

We Hope you feel the same way!
If You Ever feel Like We Dont include things You Like.

Then Write To ;

Sosso-96 [ Sophia
we3forever [ Jaquline ]

Or On Our Email


x // SopHiiA & JaQuliNe


I want to Show You This Ah - mazing girl.

She is Creativ From Head To Toe.
Her Stardoll Nickname is iamyourfat
She is unbeliveble!
She makes Clothes Out of Interiors In A way No - one Else Can.
Her real Name Is Molly, And Shes Soon-to-be 14.
If She's This Good Now? Imagine what she can be about 6 years.
This Girl is Just AMAZING.
And Only 14 years old.
I'm spechless.

I like All Of her Outfits. And As She say on her presentation

"all of my outfits are avant-garde pieces, they are not necessarily ones you could wear outside your house, they are pieces of artwork in my eyes"

And I Dont think its Only In Her Eyes,
Comment As

"Hey chica! I'm still loving your outfits, like always!"

"ok Molly, I know I tell you how much I like your outfits all the time but honestly everyday and everytime I see you they get bigger and better then ever!! Flawless! "

"You are amazing, omg. "


"ahh, I'm so jealous of your abillity to make such beautiful outfits.. :D"

Well. Hopefully You'll understand.

Visit Her As FAst As You have time.
It will be an Experience just Looking.
And Try To Imagine Them in Real Life.

You Wont regret It.

x // Text By; Sophia & Pictures By; Jaquline

Hey everyone!
the new Britney Speares has comming to plaza..
i dont like the chlothers so much but i like this outfit that i made!


Make Up.

Hello, I've made a make up Inspired By Pink.
I really Like how It turned out In The End.
Stylish Pink I would Say, Its warm & You get this Cosy Feeling I think.
I like This Kind Of Pink More then The Hot Pink.
I Feel Like this Make Up Is perfect for A Lot Of Times.
Shopping, Cinema, Date, Resturant You Name it!

We [ me & jaquline ] Decidet too Make At Least One Make up A Week As usall.
BUT Maybe More.
It all depends On If We have Time, And If We Feel Like We want to.
Also We Would Love If you Told Us What make Up you Would Like To See us Do.
Just mail us on

x // Sophiia

January 25, 2009

Maby a magazine next?

Hello everybody, i was a bit bored so
look what i made!

i realy like it!
Its my head,
Mary-Kate's Jacket
And hat, and shoes
comes from Mary-Kate to.
The hair coms from Avril Lavigne!

Leave a comment and tell me what you think!
Thanks x/Jaquline

Stardoll Club

Now we have a club on stardoll.
Check it out and joni.



Here you have more free stuff!
If you buy these earrings and go back to your
suite you will get your money back!
so hurry!

January 24, 2009

This week Sophia decide that i going to make a 80's
Colourful Disco inspired Make Up.
So here it is!
I realy love it, the whole make up its all about the eye.
When i first se that Sophia wanet me to do this make up i was tinking about, Pink, Orange, And Blue.
I love it!
The make up will cost- 20$
its not that expensive i think!

so next Week Sophia
Will Make A Makeup With Soft Pink & Purple

That was all x/jaquline


Free cropped blazer go to fallen angel
search for the cropped blazer it is 5$
when you go to your suite you have
your money back!
hey everyone!
I have a web site that give you
ss and sd!
you must me remeber there!
and it realy works!
here is the website.
$6.00 Welcome Survey After Free Registration!

January 23, 2009


Hello, I wanted to Make A Chiic Outfit.
its An Expensive Outfit, But its worth The Money.
The Total Cost will be 41 Stardollars.

its from:
Philosophy, Elle & Pretty In Pink

Next week Will Be An outfit Thats Pretty In Pink!

x Sophiia

Make Up.

Click To Enlarge

Jaquline Decided For Me To make
Punk princess.
I Think This Looks More Of A Goth/Dead Princess.
But I Did not Realize that Until i Was done & Saved It.

Next Week Jaquline Will Make
80's. A Colourful Disco inspired Make Up.
Perfect to Lighten Up Your Day.

x Sophiia

Its the january sale in plaza so hurry up pepole!

January 22, 2009

Hello blog readers.
I would like to tell you that I'm Deply Sorry.
really I am.
I have not been writing on A long time.
Jaquline putt tears in my eyes when I saw what she had done.
I huuge thanks To Her.

I'M sorry!
Really sorry.
But our computer screen was broken,
So now i'm writing on my fathers computer.

When We bought a bew screen,
I promise that I'll Write more.

An outfit will do for the moment since I need to go to bed.

Hope you like it, I was inspired A lot By tyrall's london Look Scenerie:

x Sophiia

Wera Wang Hotbuyes mc Jacket

Hey everyone, i was going arond some real brads shops un'til i find this!
The lovly hotbuyes jacket its the
Fab desinger Wera Wang!
so this one you most buy. ;)
have fun!


We have a fresh new banner made by: mysecketlover!
10000 kisses to her, and thanks so much,
shes so talented!

leav a comment and tell us what you think!


Puccapo is so amazing at making graphics!
look at this:

they looks exactly like etchother!,
if you want too see more off Puccapo's desingers go to her website!

New spoilers baby

hey everyone here you got the new spoilers!
Its little hallowen over them!



O-M-G, CaMiLaAa88 have totaly amazed me!
She is soooo good at doing sceneryes

i have no words
just look at this:

she has won Scenery Of The Day three times.
I say it agen shes A M A Z I N G!

Spoilers baby!

Hey everyone! I was a little bored so i choose too look after
new spoilers, and look what i finde, a free dress.
i hope its for non-superstar too!

Between i was looking i found this!
Its the face of Britney Speares 3
i dont realy now when its comming out but
it will be very soon i hope!

PS. we have so many readers but no follows so please follow the blog!
and everyone please dont forget to *leav a comment*

black black black!

How wear it best? Your choose!

January 21, 2009

January 20, 2009

Theres meant to be free
DKNY, At 12:00pm
on the 1/2 -09 BE THERE

February 10 Hotbuyes

Hot Buys Collar - 2nd Feb
Hot Buys Boots - 3rd Feb
Hot Buys Skirt - 6th Feb
Hot Buys Cardigan (Purple) - 9th Feb
Hot Buys Bag - 13th Feb
Hot Buys Cardigan (Grey) - 16th Feb
Hot Buys Necklace - 2oth Feb
Hot Buys Trousers - 20th Feb
Hot Buys Top - 23rd Feb
Hot Buys Belt - 27th Feb

Hello everyone, how are you all? Im realy fine. I was looking after new spoilers and see what i find! The jacket of Elisabet & Jamse though in black. They look exactly the same just that the E&J jacket are grey. I relly like it, and i think im going to buy it too, now we just going to wait and see when its comming to plaza and how much it coast! Hope you ENJOY it


January 18, 2009

Zac Posen on stardoll?

Yes, its true!
I dont think that so many now that this shoe is Zac Posen!
Becouse Hes Well now as a Evning Dress Desingner!
But this shoe are Zac Posen!
I Think that stardoll shuld write that they are brand's.
It's so many things on stardoll that are real brand's!
Like the Chanel bags, they took away the chanel barnd, and the Hotbuys FENDI bag! And dont forget about the Chanel Purfume!

I have the exempel of the FENDI bag:


By; We3forever

Hey everyone, how are you all?
Im realy fine.

I was tinking we shuld have a makeup tema every week,
And this week its Green Princess.
Soso made a makeup for a cuple days before and she did a makeup that it was all about the mouth, so i made a makeup thats all about the eyes.
As you cane see on the pic!
I use:
Eyeshadow Pearl No.1
Eyeshadow Pearl No.3
Eyepencil White
Eyepencil Green
Eyepencil Forest Green
Metallic Green Eyeliner
Macara Volyme Black
Blush Brun Rose
All together will cost 25$

Next week its the makeup of the Punk Princess!

January 17, 2009




Interview With Sonja_sonja63

Is A Person, Who won manny peoples heart by her
Great personality & Her Sence Of Fashion.
I've Bet Manny Of You Seen her Fabolous Layerings.

Whats you name?
Hi, my name Is Therese but almost all my friends call me Tess.

Okey you say that your name was Tess [Therese]? But i wonder why is your stardoll name Sonja_Sonja93?
Well... I named this medoll after my mom (Sonja) but I did not want to keep this medoll so long, but then I got so much more starpoints on this doll, so I decide to keep It anyway and make It SuperStar.

Tess, I've heard that You Like Layerings, Is that so?
Yeah I love to do Layerings, so I can show the world how I want to look. And It's also fun becuse I love clothes !

We All Love Your Layering, & other OUtfits,
and I'm really curious on were you get inpseration from
I look In fashion magazines and of course TopModel, Or... I just don't know really

Haha okey, We dont realy now so much about you cane you tell us?
Okey, you know my name Is Therese and I am a 12 year old girl from Sweden. I live with my mom and my cat Sophie. My dad died In a bout accident before I was born. And Of course I love to be with my great friends and go shopping !

Omg, That Is horrible,
How do you feel About that?
I mean Your Dad.

Sometimes I cry, but I can't have him back so I just have to accept It

So when did you get member here in stardoll and how did you know about stardoll?
Ohh, I find Stardoll at a blog (I am sorry I don't remember the name) And I was a member 2008-02-25 soon 1 year ago.

Why did you want to Becom a member on stardoll?
Becuse I believe Stardoll was a site there everybody can have fun, meet friends and be who you are, and I was right. Stardoll Is a great place to meet friends and dress up your medoll. I'm almost logged in at Stardoll, but remeber there Is something called (Real Life) Stardoll Is anyway just a game, but a good game.

Okey thanks so much tess for letting us interview you!
Have it good and we hope to see you around
Yeeaah 100 Visiters!


Klick to see!

E&J jacket

Hello everyone, how are you all?
Im realy fine.
I was looking after new spoilers and see what i find! The jacket of Elisabet & Jamse though in black. They look exactly the same just that the E&J jacket are grey. I relly like it, and i think im going to buy it too, now we just going to wait and see when its comming to plaza and how much it coast! Hope you ENJOY it x/Jaquline

January 16, 2009

MakeUp; By Sophiia

Hello True R's. [ Stands For Readers ]

I have Made A MakeUp Witch I'm Really Proud over.
Its not Something I'd make Usual.
But its Amazingly Pretty & Dramatic.
I love How Now, Its All On The Lips.
Mostly, You talk About the Eyes.
But here, The Lips Comes In Focus.

I had The most Of the Things,
everything Exept for the Lipstick.
So I did not have to pay Much For It.
FOr Enyone who does not Have the makeUp.
The Totall Bill,
Will be About 19 Stardollars.
Depends On If you Use
Kat Von D Or Normal Sephora.

Hope You Liked It.
Next Week I'm thinking Of Going With The
Eyes, And Show you How to Put Perfect EyeShadow.