January 20, 2009

Theres meant to be free
DKNY, At 12:00pm
on the 1/2 -09 BE THERE

February 10 Hotbuyes

Hot Buys Collar - 2nd Feb
Hot Buys Boots - 3rd Feb
Hot Buys Skirt - 6th Feb
Hot Buys Cardigan (Purple) - 9th Feb
Hot Buys Bag - 13th Feb
Hot Buys Cardigan (Grey) - 16th Feb
Hot Buys Necklace - 2oth Feb
Hot Buys Trousers - 20th Feb
Hot Buys Top - 23rd Feb
Hot Buys Belt - 27th Feb

Hello everyone, how are you all? Im realy fine. I was looking after new spoilers and see what i find! The jacket of Elisabet & Jamse though in black. They look exactly the same just that the E&J jacket are grey. I relly like it, and i think im going to buy it too, now we just going to wait and see when its comming to plaza and how much it coast! Hope you ENJOY it