February 27, 2009

(mary's Logo)
(My Logo)

Hello, I've heard a Few complains on my New "Logo" Saying I've copyed Mary Walkersons AKA Writemarycat logo for what I asume is the one At "sd-trendsetters."
And I would just like to say, that The onle thing I Did was to Put my Eyes As The Picture, And we dont have the same eyes, She has almost 2 eyes, I only have 1,5 Eye.
And Yeah, I wrote my Text with Black, Well - then I think 100 And millions of people Copyed hers. PLease, If you tell me what more you think I copyed hers with, i'll make another.
And i guess you dont really know what Copy means, and that kinda sad.
Copy is when Someone makes the exact same thing
And I'm pretty sure even you should be able to see they'r not the same.

Maybe you need glasses?

// Sophiia