January 22, 2009

Hello blog readers.
I would like to tell you that I'm Deply Sorry.
really I am.
I have not been writing on A long time.
Jaquline putt tears in my eyes when I saw what she had done.
I huuge thanks To Her.

I'M sorry!
Really sorry.
But our computer screen was broken,
So now i'm writing on my fathers computer.

When We bought a bew screen,
I promise that I'll Write more.

An outfit will do for the moment since I need to go to bed.

Hope you like it, I was inspired A lot By tyrall's london Look Scenerie:

x Sophiia

Wera Wang Hotbuyes mc Jacket

Hey everyone, i was going arond some real brads shops un'til i find this!
The lovly hotbuyes jacket its the
Fab desinger Wera Wang!
so this one you most buy. ;)
have fun!


We have a fresh new banner made by: mysecketlover!
10000 kisses to her, and thanks so much,
shes so talented!

leav a comment and tell us what you think!


Puccapo is so amazing at making graphics!
look at this:

they looks exactly like etchother!,
if you want too see more off Puccapo's desingers go to her website!

New spoilers baby

hey everyone here you got the new spoilers!
Its little hallowen over them!



O-M-G, CaMiLaAa88 have totaly amazed me!
She is soooo good at doing sceneryes

i have no words
just look at this:

she has won Scenery Of The Day three times.
I say it agen shes A M A Z I N G!

Spoilers baby!

Hey everyone! I was a little bored so i choose too look after
new spoilers, and look what i finde, a free dress.
i hope its for non-superstar too!

Between i was looking i found this!
Its the face of Britney Speares 3
i dont realy now when its comming out but
it will be very soon i hope!

PS. we have so many readers but no follows so please follow the blog!
and everyone please dont forget to *leav a comment*

black black black!

How wear it best? Your choose!