March 7, 2009


Hey agen!
I was sheard som girls on stardoll and i was seeing that more girls use more then 1 shoe pair.
here you got 3 piece that i just adore!


Hello Blogreaders.
We Will have Featuring Comps, Fun topics, "Idea Corner".Yeah, Everything thats Fun, Fun & Fun! And Also so you will have bigger chance on Being Featured In the Blog, And enjoy the Blog as Much as Possible. We Wont post eny More topics Until theres 10 Members in the Club, And Our first Competition will be when We have 50 (or more) Mebers.
Hopefully, This Will be Great. // Sophiia & Jaquliine

So Join the club now !
okey, i'v made a new banner but tell me if you have any ideas ok?
here it is:
I think its quite pretty i like that its grey and the eye green
but i didnt really know what i should write on it i just write
is here
If you have a better idea to write on it please
tell me i really want to know!
Hey everyone hope you dont have forget me.
I just want to say the same as Sophia that im so, so, so sorry
i mean it im really sorry that i have't update, but i have something to blame on,
my computer it have been broke and its still broke, but i cane use it somethimes.
i dont know how much i will been updataing, but if i find something intresting i
will tyr to update.

until then, have it good, next time im back i will have my logo.
so please give me some ideas.