January 30, 2009

Own Design!

Hello Everyone, Sophiia Here!
I am cold, So i'm home with Nothing to do.
But When I looked Around the Blog,
And Saw Jaqulines Own Doll.
It was very nice, & Looked Fun To Do.
So I tryed And it was.

It was my First Doll Ever.

But I'm happy with the Result, And Hopefully You'll Like it too.

( Click To Enlarge )

The Hair Is From Heidi Klum.
2 Blue Dresses From My Closet.
Shoes From Alyson Michalka.

x // Sophiia

1 comment:

Jez said...

I like it very much--the doll you made.
I like that you used 2 dresses on each-other![: