January 29, 2009


Hello Everyone! I've made An outfit Which I Really Like.
I was thrilled to see the white skirt in Starplaza.
I have searched for it A long time
So I would be able to Do An Outfit Like this.
And Also Before its been hard Making outfits
for The Blog, Since we only use Clothes From Starplaza.
The outfit I think Has A Cute Sugar Sweet babyDoll Dressy thing Going over.

Pretty In Pink Skirt [ Black ] - 5 Stardollars
Evil panda Monique Skirt [ White ] - 5 Stardollars
Pretty In Pink Dress Inspired By Anne Valerie Hash - 8 Stardollars [ Sale; 4 Stardollars ]
Voile Stiletto Heels - 5 Stardollars

Hurry Up To Buy The Pretty in pink Dress.
Since its on Sale,
You Wont be able to buy it For long.

x // Sophiia


stardoll said...

That look really pretty and creative to i like it very much

xox tash

Jez said...

That IS Cute! :]