January 16, 2009

MakeUp; By Sophiia

Hello True R's. [ Stands For Readers ]

I have Made A MakeUp Witch I'm Really Proud over.
Its not Something I'd make Usual.
But its Amazingly Pretty & Dramatic.
I love How Now, Its All On The Lips.
Mostly, You talk About the Eyes.
But here, The Lips Comes In Focus.

I had The most Of the Things,
everything Exept for the Lipstick.
So I did not have to pay Much For It.
FOr Enyone who does not Have the makeUp.
The Totall Bill,
Will be About 19 Stardollars.
Depends On If you Use
Kat Von D Or Normal Sephora.

Hope You Liked It.
Next Week I'm thinking Of Going With The
Eyes, And Show you How to Put Perfect EyeShadow.



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