January 15, 2009

We are 2 girls Writing on this Blog.
Jaquline, known as We3forever
And Sophia, Known as Sosso-96.
You may now Me Jaquline from 2 other blogs but i'm leaving them
And now im here with the nicest friend on stardoll Sophia [ Sosso-96 ]
Acctualy it was Sophia that sed she was going to start a blog of her own.
But then I asked if We Could Do one together so here we are in a brand new blog!
Here we going to talk about
Fashion, Spoilers and Answer your Question,
So just go on and ask.

Also You can Give us Advice On What to Write About.
We Have an E-mail.


You can write to us If Theres Something You'd Like to Tell.
But we prefer That You'd Comment.

See you around guys!


jaquline & Sophia

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