February 1, 2009

A Misstake and Todays Outfit

Hello everyone!
I Just Want to Say that Im so Sorry for
telling You that It Will Be Free DKNY
Thats Whan i Heard But It Was i Lie, and I Belived It
I Was Verry mad when I look And theres No DKNY in the shop..
EnyWay i just want To sa That im so Sorry!

Todays Outfit:
Okay Lets let that Subject go,
And Go to My Outfit -------->
I really Like it!
Its A Little Rock&Chic....
But still Soft&Cutie

I whold love to if you all
Start to leav comments!
"Its So Boring That your Not"
We have On a short time
More then 1000 Visiters
And 17 Follows, but Still
No one Is Comment.
So Wake Up All And start Comment..
And dont forget to Mail us if you Think you Know Sombody that Are Worth to be Exposed here or If you Think that You are worth that!
Please just contact us on stardoll or leav us a mail on:

Thanks we will wait for Your mail ;) /Jaquline


stardoll said...

Lol i totaly feel for that when poasting it.

I was up all night

Jez said...

Lovely Outfit!(: