February 25, 2009


Hello Blogreaders.We'r trhilled To Start this Club That is Inspired By Our Blog.We Well have Featuring Comps, Fun topics, "Idea Corner".Yeah, Everything thats Fun, Fun & Fun!And Also so you will have bigger chance on Being Featured In the Blog, And enjoy the Blog as Much as Possible.Please, if You have eny great ideas, Start with writing them here.We Wont post eny More topics Until theres 10 Members in the Club, And Our first Competition will be when We have 50 (or more) Mebers.Hopefully, This Will be Great.
// Sophiia & Jaquliine

be meber here: http://www.stardoll.com/sv/clubs/forum.php?id=1117286&topicId=9925687

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