February 10, 2009

New Shop in Plaza

Hey everybody how are you?
Im relly fine.
Im so sorry that i dident update a Winter Outfit
with the yellow dress i promise that i will do that today.
But i hope you like the Summer outfit.


I just discover that we have a new shop in plaza named:
Its so cool, The "Little pink shop",
if you dont have see the shop yet,
i think you should check it out!
The chlothers are a Little Valentin Inspired, i like it.
They are so cutie.
Here you have a taste of the shop look like: The clothers are not relly my style but they are soo cutie i love the bears and the monkey.
And i love the hand bag to, but of course i have my favorite, you cant see it on the pic but i will show you it.
Here it is:I love it so much, i will totaly buy it, and i would love to now what thing that are your favorite thing in the shop, please readers dont forget to comment, i love comments, so

comment, comment, comment!

1 comment:

Its Jez said...

I LOVE the bears &&& the monkey. &&& the clothes ain't my style too but the peach tee $5 that came out today; 12/2/2009 is so cute! :)