February 20, 2009

Hey everyone, im so so sorry for havent uppdate so much lately,
but you now what i have the march hotbuyes,
here u go!

here u got my opinions about the chlothers!

1. Blue Shoes; The shoes look like convorse and i love convorse in really life but here in stardoll i dont now i have one grey ones on my doll now, but these blue ones i just have to say no!

2.Denim Dress; The denim chlothers are in now in really life and this dress are quite pretty, but i dont now it is just not my style here on stardoll, but i dont now i might buy it.

3. Skirt; I love that skirt i have one like it in really life and it come from TopShop, i love it im totaly going to buy it.

4. Trousers; Okay i just say Yuuckk, ! it would be okay if they was black.

5. Jumpsuit; Omg just whant i want here in stardoll, amazing i just cant wait til its come out!

6. Bag; The bag is soo cuite, this one i think is from TopShop to.. i like it!

7. Bracelet; Haha soo cuite im totaly going to buy it, "Call Me"!

8. Body-con dress; I love thoes dresses, but im not going to buy it i dont now why :S

9. Denim jacket; I love that jacket i think it was Wera Wang if im not wrong, i love denin jackets, i have one levis in really life!

10. Earings; Thooes earings are just so gettho, and you now what I LOVE IT


That was all, tell me your oponion :)!

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