February 3, 2009


Hey everyone, the new
The new DKNY collection has been realeased.
I have been so excited to see the new collection, but im not impress at all.
Im realy disappointed what stardoll have created

The collors are shining and the bows and point are studing, but definitely not worth the price.
like the pointed dress whit a bow on the side its so beautiful but hallo 18$ for a ordinary yellow and black dress? i dont now! Even that i buy it enyway i could 'nt opposite it.
And the shoes are so cool, but its not realy my style.

Tell us what u think about the new DKNY collection!
Do you think like me? Or on a other way?


1 comment:

Jez said...

i love the spotted dress, the black belt && the shoes are kinda cool too!
:] But The Old D-K-N-Y Is Cooler, TBH.