March 16, 2009

Don't Trust!

Hey everyone!
Im like really mad right now!

This thing happend a long time ago just so you know!
I was a really good friend with honeyxxxxx
She ask me if we could trade,
my DKNY [VERRY RARE] Collared
for 2 sms coders & Her hb dress [not worth my dkny at all]
enyway, she sell me her hb dress first then after i sell my
as you cane see on the pic
After i ask her about the coders she say "well i dont have them right now contact by a week"
i was like "ohh its ok, i'll will"
after a week i was going too her suite and i found this!
I was getting really mad [its still on her suite]
and there is a club called SafeTraderToday
and im in the list of safe trader.
i did a tropic about her and say that she scammd me
then i think one of her friends tell her that i did that tropic
and she start to lie that i scamm her of her ruffel skirt
but i'll never have it.

As you cane see the sweater is still on her suite!
But for 10, and on the first pic it was for 9,
becouse i earn 9 and stardoll 1, [hope you understand me]
Im still mad at her becaouse she fail me and i was trusting her up too 100%
well not enymore, i just wanted too say this so you dont see me as a scammer.!

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